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Make your way to the Market District Triport in Origins of Stern
You need to buy some "Adrenaline-boosting Fluid", that costs 777 silver dollars purchased from Wandering Merchant Nox. Like all wandering merchants in Lost Ark, you need ensure that you are in the right place at the right time to Lost Ark Gold catch him. He'll be at the following places at the times listed below, and will stay in every location for an hour (note that these times are for both am and pm according to the time zone of your server):

Scraplands (near close to the Guard Post Triport): 12:30

Nebelhorn (near to the Nebelhorn Lab Triport): 2.30

Windbringer Hills (near the Guard Post Triport): 5:30

Totrich (near near the Clockwork Square Triport): 6:30

Riza Falls (near the Whirlpool Observatory Triport) 9:15

The Arid Path (near Lupen Port Triport): Lupen Port Triport): 9:00

You'll know when you've arrived at the right time since Nox is easy to spot on your map when you arrive at the triport (he is a gray icon that looks like a wheel). After you've received the Adrenaline-boosting Fluid, take it to the chef outside The Neria's Tavern within Stern. The robot will make it into Boosting Fluid Soup for 1.400 silver coins.

Make your way to the Market District Triport in Origins of Stern and then head toward the north to Neria's Tavern. Just to on the left, just past the tavern entryway, you'll find an ingredient merchant for cooking Malina. She only sells one thing that is Cykin Combat Ration Type A. Cykin Combat Ration Type A with a price of 30.000 silver coin. Purchase one and click it directly to add it to your adventurer's Tome.

The Cykin Combat Ration type C

Go to the Guard Triport in Scraplands. Take a walk west, through the camp beyond the repairer and into the northwest corner Lost Ark Gold Buy. Below the spot where Regulator Ernst is standing, you'll see a tall metal cannister. Behind it lies one of the sacks that contain the first ingredient you'll need - "Vacuum-dried powder X-3'.

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