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Which is why we are moving into the realm of player behavior
This was made worse by an update we had released earlier in the day with the intention of improving performance in game creation-these two factors combined increased the load on D2R Ladder Items our database globally and caused it time out. We chose to roll back that Friday update that was previously released hoping to ease the load on the servers until Sunday while also allowing us time to look into the root of the issue."

In the end, it wasn't enough. Sunday saw an even higher number of users and the servers again crashed. On Monday, they were again down. The linked article is long , but extremely thorough in its explanation of why this happens.

But in particular Blizzard claim the blame lies with certain outdated code that is involved in making and joining games and also reading characters from the database. "We improved our service in a variety of ways to make it more compatible with modern technology, however as we've previously stated that a large portion of our issues stem from the game's creation," says the post.

"We have mentioned'modern behavior of players" because it's a fascinating idea to contemplate. There wasn't nearly as much content on the web about how to play Diablo II 'correctly' (Baal plays for XP as well as Pindleskin/Ancient Swers for the magic find, etc.).

Today, however players can look up any number of content creators that can instruct them on how to play the game in various ways, many of them including lots of database load through the process of creating.

loading and even destroying games in rapid succession. While we anticipated this with players creating fresh characters on fresh servers striving to obtain their magical items, we completely underestimated the amount we could have gained from beta testing. "Basically You're way too experienced, and D2R Ladder Items Buy videogame guides are to blame. (You are able to read the most comprehensive Diablo 2 builds guide here.)

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